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Drape Care Instructions

All our Senior Drapes are Manufactured with  high quality velvet and are DRY CLEAN ONLY garments. 

Your drape may have developed creases or crush spots from the shipment process. To help smooth out the garment, follow one of these suggestions, or Contact Us for further feedback.

Recommendation #1:  Hang the drape vertically for a day or two, to allow gravity to relax the creases.  

Recommendation #2:  Hang the drape vertically and use a hand held steamer from the BACK side of the velvet to smooth out the wrinkles.  Do not touch the steamer against the garment, or allow the garment to become saturated.   NEVER use steam or moisture on the front plush side of the velvet.  Allow to dry completely before using. 

Recommendation #3:  Is the fastest and simplest method, which has been used many times with success.  However, since the velvet is dry clean only, you must use this option at your own risk

-lay the drape plush side down on a flat surface

-using plain water in a soft mist spray bottle, very lightly mist the BACK SIDE ONLY of the garment at the wrinkled or creased areas.  DO NOT allow water to drip---this is only to slightly dampen the back side, you should not see any drops form on the fabric.

-let it sit for about 2-3 minutes, then if you have the Velcro style drape, attach the Velcro to itself so nothing can snag on it.

-throw in a LOW to MEDIUM heat dryer for about 10 minutes. 

-remove promptly and hang up or lay completely flat (plush side up) to cool

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.